Beer #1 Coopers Wheat Ale

Wheat Ale:

Well this was my 1st crack at making beer…I dunno what made me make a wheat ale but I thought what the heck why not…So I went down to a LHBS (Local HomeBrew Store) and the newb that I was at the time probably looked like a dear in the headlights. I probably asked the worst questions but oh well here I’m looking back on that occasion (maybe I should have done this blog as my journey began?). So I asked buddy what I needed and he took me over and said you need a brew pail, brew kit (Coopers Wheat Ale), siphon hose, and a siphon. My father makes wine so luckily he gave me a carboy for a secondary. So there I was 40 dollars later with all my gear. I setup shop when I got home and read the directions dump goo into bucket add water and packet of yeast and let site for 5-7 days. After 7 days I transfered my beer into the glass carboy and let it sit for another week not knowing you should let is sit in the secondary for two weeks I decided it was time to bottle. So luckily after finding another LHBS where I lived I picked up 3 cases of bottles, bottle caps and a cheap $2 bottle filler. So now I’m down $100 and still no beer, so I get home and start bottling this beer. I must have thought I was John Molson himself filling up my new 12oz bottles of beers. I used cane sugar to carbonate and let the beer sit a week. I then tasted it knowing you supposed to wait at least 2 weeks. Man was it horrible it tasted like fleichmans yeast the stuff you use for making bread. But I had then learned about a website got an account and started asking questions. Most people said wait two weeks at least before it might be good. So that’s what I did and while I waited for my 56 bottles of wheat beer that costed me at least $100 to turn out I started on my next beer………

.Wheat Beer in The Secondary. Red Ale in the Primary


~ by toadyus on February 7, 2008.

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