Adventures With Building a Keezer Part #1

Corny Kegs:

Well after bottling 4 batches of beer (120 bottles) I was tired of bottling…..Most people say it takes them more before they get into kegging but after 4 batches I was no longer interested in bottling. So I looked at the alternative (Kegging). Started looking at pricing at figured it would cost me only a couple hundred bucks. Man was I wrong as you’ll see later. So I did what all homebrewers do when they’re looking for gear….(Ebay). I must have been my lucky day because 3 corny kegs where up for sale in canada…I thought wow and for only $60 bucks that’s a hell of deal. So I did the buy it now and a week later I had corny’s.



~ by toadyus on February 13, 2008.

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