Adventures With Building a Keezer Part #2

The Freezer:

After getting my corny’s the next step was to get a freezer to hold them. So I went to Future Shope, The Brick, Costco and many others looking for a steal of deal on a damaged of discontinued one. Was I sadly disappointed there was nothing and the cheapest one was around $180 and that was for 3.3cu freezer which would probably only fit 2 of my kegs. So I started looking in the newspaper and it was like my luck changed instantly in the $0-$100 items there was an ad for and old chest freezer $30 bucks. Man was I happy…I called the lady up that Saturday and asked if I could come take a look at it…man was it awesome the thing was beaten up good and would hold atleast 3 kegs…I bought it on the spot and with some help from the old man I brought it home. Man was the SWMBO ( Someone Who Must Be Obeyed AKA The Wife) not impressed =)


Red Ale (Left), IPA (Right)


~ by toadyus on February 13, 2008.

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