Adventures With Building a Keezer Part #4

The Other Equipment:

I had the kegs/freezer but now it was time to figure out what else I needed so I hit up and looked at a bunch other their kits the one I liked the most was

Single Tap Refrigerator Conversion Kit for Homebrew

  • (1) USED 5 gallon product tank
  • Ball style disconnects
  • 5 pound CO2 tank -Brand New (empty)
  • Double gauge regulator
  • 4’ of air tubing
  • 4’ of beer tubing
  • (1) Chrome faucet head
  • (1) 5” steel shank
  • (1) Black faucet knob
  • faucet wrench and all the washers, nuts, nipples and clamps you’ll need

I knew I would need extra faucets/shanks/tubing and such but I really didn’t want to order from the states. Shipping plus border issues are always a pain. So I started looking for canadian websites which there was none to be found. I found a wholesaler but they were not interested in making any money. But after some more looking I found a company called simgo out of BC. There website is terrible and you pretty much have to call them to make a purchase. I was worried that they wouldn’t want to deal with me because I was a home owner but the guy I called didn’t ask any questions and after 30 minutes on the phone I had submitted my order. Simgo didn’t take that long to ship out my supplies which insisted of:

  • 1 – Faucet Wrench
  • 1 – Co2 Cylinder
  • 1 – Co2 Regulator
  • 3- Shanks
  • 3 – Chrome Faucets (I will regret not going with perlicks)
  • 3 – Gas Connects (Pepsi Keg Connectors)
  • 3 – Liquid Connects (Pepsi Keg Connectors)
  • 3- Black Handles (For The Faucets)
  • 1 -Co2 Manifold
  • Other Various junk for connecting everything together

Now the fun of putting everything together…..

Parts3 Parts1 Parts4 Parts2


~ by toadyus on February 22, 2008.

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